1. Sandy Blain says:

    We all had a great time and it was wonderful to be able to leave the photography in such capable hands. You captured the day beautifully, Clark! Thank you for this lovely post, as well.

  2. What an honor to get to be there. You are so right. Sarah is so very easy to love. What a great day!

    Excellent photo documentation!

    David Browning

  3. Lou Cullen says:

    Your photos are really wonderful! You capture the true essence and personality of your subject!! Awesome work!

  4. Michael oliver says:

    Sarah and David in the same room… wow what a wonderful time!!! They are both truly class acts! Human beings don’t get any better than David Browning and Sarah Blaine!! Those two spread the love in this world like it should be!!
    Great read and wonderful pictures, thank you

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