Thanks for being here friend.
I'm so happy that you have stopped in to see my photographic story, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I have recently discovered I have a green thumb as well as taste for cooking. I enjoy taking my dog Petey for walks. I also enjoy landscape and bird photography.

I'm Clark

Hello friend!

A Portrait is not made in the Camera but on either side of it.

Love, Clark

The more I live on this earth the more I appreciate the simple things in life. A comfortable bed, trying new foods whether it be in a restaurant or on the grill, the sound of laughter, a beautiful sunset or a picturesque backdrop. Listening to the sound of falling rain and the soul soothing sound of music and the voices of good friends, family and loved ones. The feeling I have a after a good workout or a brisk walk with my dog Petey. Meeting new and interesting people. This list is continually growing the more experiences I have in life.
As I look at the world around me I began to notice the beauty in everything from people, birds, sky and the landscapes. I wanted to capture those in a way that pleases others as well as myself! That’s where it all began for me. These things led me to photography and they drive me to work harder to improve not just my technical skill but the relationships that are made serving those that I meet before,during and after photo sessions. Whether it be a wedding,senior sessions,family,or even sporting event shoots, the interaction and capturing of those moments in time are the driving force. Not just a picture but a living breathing moment in time that will speak to those I serve for many years to come.

Why I do this

"Life is about the little moments in time"

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